Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The association belongs to the members…

And when the members work together we get things done.

First off I want to thank all those members who showed up to the meeting Saturday and to those members who picked up petitions to get signed.

The board after hearing the concerns of members’ has delayed their vote, asked for volunteers for a committee and agreed to having a special meeting on the fine schedule.

If you want a petition to circulate to your neighbors and friends, call me I am the only Keefe in our local phone book. Those of you that have signed the online petition you will have to sign the petitions we are circulating because the Association will not accept a petition that is not actually signed. Absentee members not living here locally can email me at keefecat@yahoo.com.  I will email you the petition to sign.  

We still have a ways to go and everyone needs to get involved.  I have always had faith in the members to stand up together when the need arises.

Thursday, July 11, 2013



The only way the board will know that you don't want a fine schedule is to show up and tell them how you feel.

About 8 years ago the board was actively in the process of changing our CC&Rs with a committee working on giving us CC&Rs right out of the Condo Blue Book. Heck the rules were so strict that you could be violated if your kids left their toys out your drapes that faced the street were the wrong color or heaven forbid you planted flowers that weren’t to their taste.

A group of us members got together and got the word out to all the members, the members rose to the occasion and filled the hacienda meeting hall with over 100 members and we stopped the nonsense.

Now this board is trying to impose their standards on us once again and if they are successful on imposing this fine schedule mark my words, the next thing will be our CC&R’s.  I can safely assume this because when I talked to one of the directors recently, she told me that the attorney who gave the fines seminar last month (most of the board attended) told her that our CC&R’s were obsolete and needed changing.  Also this director was on the CC&R committee 8 yrs ago… Hmmm

I don’t know about you, but when I bought my home I read and agreed to my CC&R’s and there was nothing in them about a fines schedule.   

The Association belongs to all members, not just a few and if you don’t speak out, you won’t have a say on what happens.   

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


LDPOA: Do not institute a Fine Schedule without a vote of the members 

We have gone 45 yrs without a fine schedule and have seen numerous instances of abuses of power by Directors and violation committees. We believe that the decision should be up to the entire membership not just 7 directors who may have their own agendas

If you agree please sign the petition

Lake Don Pedro Owners Association: Do not institute a Fine Schedule without a vote of the members

Fine Program for LDPOA?

If you are wondering about how the fine program will work, just read the article in the Discoverer.
Their agenda is clear.  I have several questions.

1.       Who determines what a presentable condition is for your property is? 
2.       What are the standards and who decides?
3.       Where in the LDPOA legal documents does it say the board is responsible for keeping the area, our properties kept up in a manner where all members can enjoy it?
4.       If  the fine program will be so simple and unobtrusive that most won’t notice it why did it take ½ a page to explain it?

I do not believe that members’ speaking out against the fines creates unnecessary stress and hysteria, do you?  

Why must the board try to belittle members when we voice our opinions?  The directors are there to represent us not their own standards or agendas

Every so many years we get people who have moved here from the valley or Bay area and they want the subdivision to be controlled like where they came from. We are not a HOA we are a property owner’s assn.  We are on large lots, not condos, townhouses or subdivisions where homes are only 12 feet apart.

Mike and I both served on the board and a fine program is not something we members need.  It will only cause problems and additional expense.  And we remember a time when they used to drive around looking for violations and how they enforced the rules on some and turned a blind eye on other violations. 

For 45 years LDPOA has dealt with violations without having to resort to a Fines program. As a past director and Chair of ACC we have always resolved those few (less that 1% at any given time) without a fine schedule, so why do they need a fine program? Is it about power and control?