Monday, December 9, 2013


I will be on the agenda for the board meeting this Saturday at 10 am and will be discussing some of the issues that are plaguing this association. I would appreciate it if you would come support me and add your input

As I was getting signatures for the petition I spoke to many members and not a one of them had anything positive to say about our association.  In fact the level of distrust they had against the board was abysmal.  As a former President and Chair of the ACC I find this really sad.
When I was on the board we did many things for the members.  We held lunches, BBQ’s, swap meets, clean up days, movie nights and due to our relationship with Mariposa County we had the USAF band play for the members one December evening. We doubled the pool area adding a lawn, half basketball court, BBQs, picnic tables and we remodeled the gym adding book shelves and a desk area.  We even hosted a Monday morning coffee and donuts chat for members so they could talk to a director in an informal setting.  But most important of all we reached out to members, listened to their concerns and helped whenever we could.  So I say to you what happened?

I have a question       
 Who does the Association belong to?
Official answer   
All the members         
Unofficial answer        

As long as the members feel alienated and don’t get involved then the board does as they make all the decisions without members.

Those of you that attended the Fine Committee meetings realize we have some serious issues that cannot be corrected without help from the members.

I realize that everyone has a life but our Association is facing several issues that could negatively impact the members and I really need your help in reaching this board. 


The issue of the fine schedule is also not resolved. When the board was confronted with a petition signed by 5% of the members saying they didn’t want a fine schedule what did the board do?? Postponed implementing it and wanted another committee. Well what does that tell you? Members need to join together and speak out.
If you want to speak out on this or any issue come to the board meeting tomorrow at 10 am