Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The association belongs to the members…

And when the members work together we get things done.

First off I want to thank all those members who showed up to the meeting Saturday and to those members who picked up petitions to get signed.

The board after hearing the concerns of members’ has delayed their vote, asked for volunteers for a committee and agreed to having a special meeting on the fine schedule.

If you want a petition to circulate to your neighbors and friends, call me I am the only Keefe in our local phone book. Those of you that have signed the online petition you will have to sign the petitions we are circulating because the Association will not accept a petition that is not actually signed. Absentee members not living here locally can email me at keefecat@yahoo.com.  I will email you the petition to sign.  

We still have a ways to go and everyone needs to get involved.  I have always had faith in the members to stand up together when the need arises.